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Frequently Asked Questions

With Chalo Australia, we have answered some of the most common questions that every prospective immigrant faces while coming from India to Australia. We have also explained how Chalo Australia can assist you during your migration journey.

You can use the search bar on this site to search for answers to your queries. We try our best to provide up-to-date information about the most common problems that prospective migrants face while coming to Australia.

1. How can Chalo Australia help me?

If you are planning to move to Australia or if you have
recently migrated to Australia then Chalo Australia is a custom-made service just for you.
Chalo Australia aims at helping you on all aspects of moving and settling down in Australia.
We have simplified the migration journey into 5 simple stages. These stages include
Dream – Explore why Australia is the best country for immigrants.
Visa Process – Understand the application process for various Australian visa types.
Get Going – Plan your move to Australia after obtaining a visa.
Traveling – Guides to help you during your journey and at the airport
and Arrived – Guides to settle down smoothly in Australia.

We recommend you read these informative guides carefully.

We also encourage you to get in touch with us in case of any more queries regarding your migration to Australia.
Book A Consultation Call Today!
One of our highly experienced moving buddies will conduct a one-to-one Skype or telephonic consultation.

Please note that we are not a migration agency or a travel agency. However, we can provide recommendations for Immigration agents in Australia and India, Post-landing service agents in all cities in Australia and Employment consultants in Australia.

2. Why I Should Migrate To Australia From India?

Read through the Dream section to know more about why Australia is the best country to migrate to.
This is the first step of your migration journey from India to Australia.
Get answers to all your questions like – Why you should migrate, How to migrate, Where you can begin your migration journey from etc.
We also provide a free Skype or telephonic consultation to answer your queries about deciding to move to Australia.
Book your Consultation today!

3. What Is The Process Of Getting Australian Visa ?

Explore the Visa Process section on our website to know more about Australian visas.
This is the most critical step of your migration journey.
Get answers to all your questions like – Which visa you should apply for, What are
the steps to get a visa, How to apply for a visa; etc from our informative guides.
We also recommend immigration consultants who can help you in applying for a visa.
Please note that we are not professional immigration agents and we do not provide any legal advice about applying for any Australian visa.

4. I got my Australian visa, how should I plan my move ?

Explore the Get Going section on our website to know more about how to plan your move to Australia from India.
This is the most exciting stage in your migration journey – winding up your old life and preparing for a new life in Australia.
Know about the best time to move, what should go in your bags and what should be avoided etc.
We can answer all your queries about planning your migration journey.
We can also recommend post-landing agents who can provide initial accommodation in any city in Australia.
Book Your Post Landing Accommodation!

5. How to book a consultation session ?

You can book a consultation call in the Personalised Assistance section.
We will send you an invitation for a 20-minute consultation soon after receiving your request.
If you wish to change an appointment, you can request for a new appointment. Our associate will get in touch with you to reschedule to a suitable time.

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